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Bring your memories to life by

adding spoken memories to printed photographs

"The most meaningful gift I have ever received"


Because Voices  & Memories
Belong Together

Our Chronicle Memory Box is the perfect way to preserve life stories and memories.  Our box lets you add voice recordings to your printed photographs.  So whether as a gift to celebrate the life of a loved one, or as a group gift to someone special with voice messages of love and friendship, our Memory Box is a unique gift that will be cherished forever.

We make our boxes with a level or detail and quality that matches the importance of the memories and voices they preserve.


How it works

Bring photos to life with stories, memories and greetings

The Chronicle Memory Box attaches voice recordings to your printed photos.  

By touching a photo onto the box, the associated audio will play. 

Our simple and unique ‘touch and play’ method means anyone can use the memory box. Simply turn on and touch your photos onto the memory box to listen to the associated stories. 

There’s no ‘apps’ to download and there's no smartphones, PC's or iPads to worry about either.

Preserve your memories and enjoy time reminiscing with voices of those you love.

Create something meaningful to cherish forever.

We provide the box, you provide the memories

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Watch the video to see how our Memory Box lets you attach audio stories to your photographs.

Create the perfect gift

Create a family Memory Box to preserve your own wonderful life memories or invite others to contribute stories to create the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding or anniversary.

It's simple to create a Chronicle Memory Box. Just choose a photo, record a short audio and repeat!  When you've finished send the photos and recordings to us and we'll take care of the rest.

We can also help with recording and with coordinating group gifts too.

These days, where families and friends often live far apart, our memory box lets you collect stories from family and friends to make the perfect gift.

Raise a smile by reminiscing about wonderful life memories, and preserving your stories for the future.


Create a family gift or invite friends and relatives to join the fun

We'll help you all the way

Photo 08-11-2018, 11 48 39_edited.jpg

Creating a Memory Box is half the fun

We'll help you create your Memory Box in the way that's most convenient for you.  From choosing the design of the box itself to assisting with topics for your life stories, we can help make the experience of creating a Memory Box fun.  We can even help to record your stories, should you need us to assist. 

Once we have all of your recordings and photos, we will configure your Memory Box.  We carefully package each one for sending to you or the chosen recipient. We guarantee when you receive your finished Memory Box, you will be impressed and you will have a lasting keepspake that will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

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How will you use yours?

Use our Chronicle Memory Box to preserve your family history, to gather stories from friends or to celebrate a special occasion.  Here are some of the reasons to create a Chronicle Memory Box:

Music Memory Box


Create a unique gift by inviting friends and relatives to each contribute a memory - combining them into a memory box

COVID wedding gift for friends


Preserve the moment you met or memories of your special day - perfect for a wedding gift


covid memorial gift


Preserve your family history and cherish the memories of someone you love. Invite friends and relatives to contribute their memories of a loved one.


Covid birthday gift


A gift from grandchildren and other family members to grandparents. Record artworks, early words, thoughts, aspirations and voices.

virtual milestone gifts


Create a gift for your future self or a legacy for your family.  Record your thoughts dreams, life stories and achievements.

social distancing birthday gift


At the early stages of dementia, preserve life stories and memories before they fade.  Use voices to trigger positive feelings.


Easy on-off and volume

In-built rechargeable battery with USB charging cable

Sensitive 'tap and play' hotspot

Photo and keepsake storage

Photo 08-11-2018, 11 49 23.jpg

A range of box styles with choice of patterns or plain finishes

Inbuilt 3W speaker


Our Memory Boxes are bespoke, custom made and personalised for each client.  When you order a Chronicle Memory Box from us we will discuss design options with you to create your perfect gift. 

For each of the options you will receive choices on the design style of your memory box.




Special Offer!


1 x Memory Box

25 Photos/Audios

2 Hour Support

FREE Helpsheets & Ideas

You provide the images and audio recordings - we configure the Box! 


We will provide support to help you.


Your box will be personalised to your needs. 

(Additional photos/audios £2.50 each)



£19.95 per month

Subscribe and over 12 months we will guide you through the enjoyable process of creating your own Memory Box.

Each month we will cover a specific topic and help you to choose, script and record your stories.

At the end of the 12 months you will receive your personalised Memory Box configured with all your stories.

You will need to be reasonably comfortable using a PC or smartphone with this option.

Cancel at any time, but you will need to complete the 12 months to receive your Memory Box.

Contact us for more info  



1 x Memory Box

Preparation Support

2 Hours face-to-face interview

Editing and scanning

15 Professional Audio/Photos

We will visit you to record your stories with you in a personal one-on-one interview.  We will also scan your photos.

We will edit your stories to create a truly unique Memory Box for you.

If you are less confident with technology, then this is the best option for you.

(Additional photos/audios £5.00 each)

(Note: Not available for all locations)

Please contact us to discuss our full range and pricing of our services including our back-up and duplication services.

Our other services


We offer an optional secure back up service for your stories in case you ever need to replace or create duplicates of your memory box.


We can also provide on-line links to your stories so that you can share your stories more widely with other family members or friends wherever they are if you wish.  


Why not share some of your stories with the wider community?

If you want your stories to be enjoyed by others, we have a growing community of storytellers and projects that are keen to hear your story.  Please contact us for more information.

Christmas Wreath

Vouchers Available!

The Most Meaningful Gift

If you wish to gift a memory box or a subscription to someone, please get in touch as we can issue a Voucher.

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