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  • How does the Chronicle Memory Box work?
    The Memory Box works using our innovative 'touch and play' method. Each photo has a special adhesive microship attached. You simply touch your photograph onto the box to trigger playback of the associated story. If you want to stop the story, simply tap again. It's designed to be as simple to use as possible.
  • How do I order my memory box?
    Each Memory Box is made to order so please email us with your enquiry. There are several options available depending on how much help you need to configure your memory box. Once you have contacted up we will get in touch to discuss the process and explore options with you. We estimate a 4 week timescale to create and configure your box.
  • Can the Memory Box be used for life story work?
    Absolutely. Our memory boxes are a perfect solution to support with life story work. Imagine a box of photos with recordings of life stories? Perhaps including stories from other people too? Contact us to find out more.
  • How do I configure the memory box?
    Your memory box will arrive pre-configured with your stories. You cannot configure it yourself. We will need to arrange with you a convenient method to record your stories - either with a one-on-one interview or via other solutions (for example you can record you stories yourself with a PC or smartphone). We will work with you to ensure the smoothest and most convenient process.
  • How is the memory box powered?
    The Memory Box has an in-built rechargable battery that is recharged via a micro USB cable (provided).
  • What is different about your memory box?
    There are a few products that use similar technologies to allow play back of audio and music. Our product is different as it is focused helping you to preserve and enjoy your personal stories in your own voice. We have spent a lot of effort in creating a quality product that we feel is distinctive, durable and usable by anyone. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.
  • Tell me about your company?
    Chronicle Digital Storytelling Ltd is a small but innovative UK based company that specialises in digital storytelling. We work with a range of companies and individuals on storytelling projects mostly focused upon heritage or place. We have been trading in the UK since 2014. You can check out our company website on


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